a tomb of modern amenity

eggshell white

enough to drive a man mad if

he sits staring long enough

to see his future

etched in

porous drywall

drinking up the paint like

a man half dead with dehydration

the fumes of his condition

poison mind in stagnant air of loneliness

even animals know to avoid still waters

though they run deep

man has the privilege to go against instinct


some strange fungus growing into his

mycelial bed

sprouting tendrils from every orifice

becoming one in isolation

a mushroom

thriving in the dark spots

away from prying eyes of

friend and foe alike


asexual mass cast against the lonely night

shedding spores in intervals

euphoric bliss of hermetic existence

seceding to catatonic consciousness

narcoleptic desires take root

preferring the hallucinatory dreamscape

to the waking world of dull reality

alien visage contorted

revealing foreign tongue

speaking secrets

a stranger on the surface

at home within

Mitchell Chmielewski

I currently reside in Indiana where I am taking classes through Penn State University to complete my Bachelors in Finance and work for a non-profit clinic. I was always passionate about reading and writing and I intend to use this blog to hone my craft and to entertain others. Please feel free to reach out and provide feedback or to discuss my work.

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