she walks like summer rain and just as refreshing

clears the clouds from my eyes with her radiant smile bright as the sun

walks with poise and grace porcelain skin firmly rooted with each foot fall

a laugh like the lightest breeze wafting over me

eyes cobalt blue drops frozen sapphire gleaming with intensity

moods of moonlit mischief change with the tide

amorous far from chaste and farther from pure

goddess in which all of nature’s form is present

i worship at her altar

drinking deep from the chalice

Mitchell Chmielewski

I currently reside in Indiana where I am taking classes through Penn State University to complete my Bachelors in Finance and work for a non-profit clinic. I was always passionate about reading and writing and I intend to use this blog to hone my craft and to entertain others. Please feel free to reach out and provide feedback or to discuss my work.

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