Beta Alpha

i have struggled

fulfilling the role

assigned to me


as perceived by


and women

to adhere to the strict doctrine of


supported by


phallic totems


patriarchal systems


who and how

we are

i have questioned

been questioned

by myself

by lovers

by strangers


not living

up to expectations

i am emotional and

despise it


yet yearn

to be hard


even when aggressive

tastes and tendencies


dress down the facade

of boorish arrogance

propped up

to play the character

feminine traits draw

attention and


corrective action

so i cover her up

in baggy clothes and

stoic emotionlessness

speak in logic

deny the fantastic

avoid intimacy

and walk in the most straightforward direction

even though

i want anything but

Mitchell Chmielewski

I currently reside in Indiana where I am taking classes through Penn State University to complete my Bachelors in Finance and work for a non-profit clinic. I was always passionate about reading and writing and I intend to use this blog to hone my craft and to entertain others. Please feel free to reach out and provide feedback or to discuss my work.

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