Fantastic Famine

he watches in whispers

entrenching desire


paper thin


pruning soft curvatures

carved to jagged edge

straight lace


entwined in


with a man


doesn’t know

but would like to

bifurcated membrane

dual hybrid spirit

lovingly lingers


leafing through archives

sating hunger

with whatever flesh

is placed before


remain hidden

as well as he

swelling in a closed off room

surreptitiously shaded

pale light pouring

pornographic images

as well as

euphoric score of

guttural grunts and

melodious moans

dynamic sequencing of

diminuendo climaxing to corporeal crescendo

planting seed


momentary bliss subsides

to extended internal dialogue



images of lust

leave one feeling


as a picture of fruit

leaves one just as hungry

feeding fantasy

yet not the body

renders him


the hunger will return

just as strong

or maybe stronger

until at last

he’ll be forced

to eat

Mitchell Chmielewski

I currently reside in Indiana where I am taking classes through Penn State University to complete my Bachelors in Finance and work for a non-profit clinic. I was always passionate about reading and writing and I intend to use this blog to hone my craft and to entertain others. Please feel free to reach out and provide feedback or to discuss my work.

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