A Grey

mouthed telepathy

falls on deaf

alien minds


lying on slabs


flaccid limbs

induced paralysis


blinding light

suspended overhead

illuminating rigid expressions of

muted agony

discomforted at

precision probing


virile vivisection

an attempt to


what lies

morbid curiosity



an attempt

to gain


center stage of the operating theater

peering eyes peruse

from amidst the elevated position

of the gallery

feebly resolved

embracing submission

gaze upon

the frail form

of one so different

critique analyze

record report

experiment evaluate

what else could a shade of grey


in a

kaleidoscope confettid

rainbow tinted

world of


Mitchell Chmielewski

I currently reside in Indiana where I am taking classes through Penn State University to complete my Bachelors in Finance and work for a non-profit clinic. I was always passionate about reading and writing and I intend to use this blog to hone my craft and to entertain others. Please feel free to reach out and provide feedback or to discuss my work.

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